Saturday, November 2, 2019

Media Audiences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Media Audiences - Essay Example There is also the importance to differentiate between mass audiences that are broadcast to and the niche audiences involved in narrowcasting. In terms of subjectivity, there is the impact on the audience members by the membership of the pre-existing group including gender, religion, education and nation. It may also be defined in regard to a mainstream audience for the narrowcast media. This imagined mainstream is what elite and sub-cultural forms do define them. It is a socially constructed phenomena. In contrast to the critique of mass society, the culture of mainstream is not addressed to an audience that is homogenized as it is diverse and made of different multiple audiences that come from various demographic groups whose mode of engagement might have. This makes it appealing and also commercially lucrative. It may be hard to define, and its meaning normally shifts in accordance to its usage. Appreciating mass audiences will offer that opportunity of resisting adoption of the media’s terms as our own. Audience size together with commercial profitability is construction factors in mainstreaming though it should be understood independently. Though mainstream media are known as an object of passionate feelings, it is what that moves most of consumers to participation (Newma n, 1). Mass audience as included in the definition for the mass communication has distinguishing factors that include: it is heterogeneous in composition, composition of individuals is that of those who do not know each other, members of the mass are spatially separated, and the mass has a loose organization and leadership that is not definite (Napoli, 7). The new mass audience considers the mass audience as both the receiver and the sender of the message. An economist Dalls Smythe 1977 stated that the act of consuming media included a form of labour that is wageless engaged by

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