Monday, February 3, 2020

Culture Identity Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Culture Identity - Research Proposal Example Ethnocentricity argues that the representation of an indigenous culture by outsiders must be done with a view to portray them as they would see themselves as. Thus, the concept applied to the Inuit is that the portrayal by outsiders should be analyzed from the frame of reference that of trying to understand their views about themselves. This does not mean that any outsider’s view of the Inuit is necessarily derogatory or biased. It just means that the views presented in the article must be balanced with the perspective of this concept. As such, the terms of reference for this paper reflect the concept very much and the attempt is to find out if the articles do so. Though the title of the article may sound patronizing and condescending, it nonetheless is a good representation of the way in which the article has been developed. My opinion on this is that the article should not be judged by the title alone and the contents of the same should be scanned for a deeper reading of the article. The article goes to great lengths to delve into the eating habits of the Inuit and makes a point that the way in which they have developed their eating habits is a function of the climatic conditions that they have been used to. Thus, the use of fatty foods is not because they do not want to stay healthy or fit, but the living conditions make them eat the fatty foods in order to survive in the extremely cold conditions. Of course, the living habits of the Eskimos are detailed to a great extent to indicate the fact that their lifestyle may not be healthy and hence they need the kind of foods that they take. The tone of the article is a bit patronizing, though. My feeling is that we are unable to shake off the tendency to look at ethnic groups in more favorable terms and thus we need to ensure that the same comes through in our representation of the groups. There are umpteen sentences in the article that

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