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Analysis Of The Play Death Of A Salesman Essay

The Transformation of the Protagonist What is it that makes a character relatable? When a writer develops a character they will often create tragedy or hardships for that character to endure. The character will then go through a transformation and become the hero that the story calls for, at least in most cases. Theatrical writing is no exception. In the play Death of a Salesman the protagonist is not necessarily the main character. The protagonist in this play is the main character’s son Biff. However, in the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof it is harder to determine if the protagonist is Brick or Maggie, but I believe Brick is the main protagonist. In the play Dutchman it is quite the opposite and the protagonist, Clay, is very clearly emphasized. These three plays and their respective protagonists are all good examples of relatable characters that were transformed through the events of the plays. The protagonist of Death of a Salesman is Willy’s son Biff. Before his hardsh ip he is an overly confident football player who slides by in school because the neighbor boys helps him with his homework, and even does it for him sometimes. Willy praises him and lets him get away with stealing and being reckless. This leads Biff to develop some bad habits, but Willy makes excuses on Biff’s behalf because he believes his son will be successful in life if he is â€Å"well liked.† Later, Biff finds out that he won’t be able to graduate because he is failing math, so he seeks out his father’sShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Play Death Of A Salesman 954 Words   |  4 Pages Darrian Dowden AP English IV Death of a Salesman Written Assignment Death of a Salesman Character Analysis 1.Willy Loman. Although the main protagonist of the play, Willy Loman does not come to a certain self-realization. Searching and sifting through his memories (which cannot be completely taken as the truth as he reinvents them in a way to make them out as a golden era) he fails to recognize his slanted reality he’s lived in made up of his delusions. His forged relationship withRead MoreAnalysis Of The Play Death Of A Salesman 1041 Words   |  5 PagesResearch paper for â€Å"Death of a Salesman† In the play â€Å"death of a salesman† by author miller, the dramatist focuses on the theme of â€Å"the American dream†. Lowman, a botched salesman, is the protagonist of the play. Willy is certain that society only has room for winners. In support of this, the play’s theme demonstrates how a victim of â€Å"the American dream† can be destroyed by fabricated promises that will impact not only â€Å"business life but will conflict with personal relationships as well† (ElwellRead MoreAnalysis Of The Play Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller1612 Words   |  7 Pages Selling More Than Just Merchandise The play, Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller explores topics that are parallel to the lives of the common man. This makes his play relevant during many different eras, as the central issues discussed correlate with struggles of everyday common people, no matter at what point in history the play is shown. This makes his play very versatile in nature as it can be shown throughout the decades. His play can be considered a classic story; one that cannot be forgottenRead MoreWilly from Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller: Abandoned and Flawed798 Words   |  4 Pages The dramatic play Death of a Salesman, composed by Arthur Miller in 1949 portrays the hours leading up to Willy Loman’s death. Willy is a sixty-year-old salesman living in Brooklyn New York with his wife Linda and after thirty-five years working as a traveling salesman he feels defeated by his lack of success and difficult family life. As a salesman, Willy Loman focuses more on personality and being well liked by everyone than actual skills. When he returns early from a business trip it is apparentRead MoreDeath Of A Salesman Tragedy Essay1365 Words   |  6 PagesDeath of a Salesman is a tragic play written in 1949 by Arthur Miller. The story is about a salesman who lost his identity after having an affair with another woman and can’t seem to accept the changes in his life since the event. The story has been performed in theaters and shown on film for many years. Lee Siegel, a writer for The Nation explains the role of Death of a Salesman in the entertainment industry: Every ten years or so, Death of a Salesman is revived, and every ten years we get theRead MoreComparing Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and Fences by August Wilson 1403 Words   |  6 PagesFences written by August Wilson and Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller are two plays that could be considered very different in terms of their plot. The plots of both plays contain two very different cultural backgrounds which affects each protagonist differently. If the reader or audience looks past the plot into the theme and symbolisms used they can see that the plays are more similar than they are different. In spite of the different cultural backgrounds of each protagonist they bothRead More Death of a Salesman is a Tragedy as Defined in Millers Tragedy and the Common Man1046 Words   |  5 PagesDeath of a Salesman is a Tragedy as Defined in Millers Tragedy and the Common Man In Tragedy and the Common Man, Arthur Miller discusses his definition and criteria for tragedy as they apply to the common man. The criteria and standards proposed by Miller may be used to evaluate his timeless work, Death of A Salesman. The first major standard of tragedy set forth is:   â€Å"...if the exaltation of tragic action were truly a property of the high-bred character alone, it is inconceivable thatRead MoreWilly Loman, the Modern Hero in Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman1739 Words   |  7 Pagesheroes, otherwise known as the protagonists, illustrated by tragic Greek playwrights, were never normal people. All heroes were citizens of high class, such as princes. This was due in part because plays were seen as a luxury for refined citizens. Aristocratic citizens did not want to pay to watch plays about the peasants of society. They wanted to relate to the characters; therefore, all heroes of Greek tragedy were elite members of society. An additional distinguishing factor of the Greek heroesRead MoreThemes Of Death Of A Salesman1286 Words   |  6 PagesA Blanketed Illusion Death of a Salesman is a tragicomedy centered on the events that take place at the end of Willy Loman’s life. From the opening act, we learn that Willy and his family struggle to behave as a united front when they face financial pressures and strained familial bonds. This causes Willy to become desperate for success and validation. Death of a Salesman has commonly been interpreted as an analysis of the American dream. Within the ideal American society, citizens believe that theRead MoreEssay about The American Dream in Death of a Salesman1371 Words   |  6 PagesArthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’ is an examination of American life and consumerism. It relates the story of a common man who portrays this lifestyle. Other issues explored in the play include: materialism, procrastination and alienation. The play was set in 1948, in a time where The American Dream was highly regarded, despite the Depression. The American Dream was a belief that emerged in th e later half of the nineteenth century, that if you work hard you will achieve success and prosperity

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